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I often want to be less defined by where I have been and more by what I am doing and where I would like to be, but of course, talking about where you want to be is the surest way of never arriving.

I began photography in 2011, three years after I moved to Japan, having witnessed the sakura (cherry blossom trees) blooms at Midera Temple in Shiga, Japan. At the time I owned what could only be generously considered a compact camera and together we failed miserably in capturing the beauty of night time sakura. Failure is a great motivator, and so, began my journey.

Feel free to reach me via Facebook or Twitter to follow my journey. I have images from around the world, as well as locally here in Japan, within my galleries.

I have been featured in the following exhibits, interviews, and awards (most are in Japanese).

Matsuri, Festivals in Japan

Matsuri (Japanese festivals) have become my passion. In them you witness Japan free from the stereotypes and basking in its rich culture.

Awaodori Team - Hyottoko


I still cherish my time chasing landscapes too - nature's glory through time's long lens still leaves me in awe.

Ladies in a Row

Prints and Licenses

If you would like to purchase any of my work, prints and download licenses can be attained from the "Buy" button on most my images and I am open to any inquiries.

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